Friday, October 31, 2014

Moira Dunn Found in Violation of Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws

In the primary, Moira Dunn filed 3 quarterlies with the State Board of Elections.  None of them were filed properly and they had to be amended multiple times.  See HERE.  The amendments were only made after a complaint was filed with the State Board of Elections.  Despite Ms. Dunn being represented by one of the most powerful election attorneys in the state, Michael Kasper, the hearing examaner sided with the complainant.  Results HERE.

The two most egregious violations were failure to report a $7500 contribution and failure to disclose 13 of 16 entries.  That's right.  In the second quarter, Ms. Dunn only had 16 entries but failed to disclose 13 of them.  Documenation is HERE.

If Ms. Dunn can't keep track of 16 entries for an account having less than $25,000 in it, why should we expect that she can handle balancing the state budget which is over $30,000,000,000?

Shouldn't an attorney and third generation politician know better than to blatantly break election law?

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