Friday, October 31, 2014

Refuting the Many Lies of Moira Dunn's Campaign

Ms. Dunn has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars running a smear campaign with no evidence.  Last quarter alone she spent nearly $300,000 on false TV advertising.  See HERE.  That does not include what she is spending in the current quarter.  She accuses Mark Batinick of many untrue things including wanting to raise legislative salaries.  HERE is a picture of her "source" on a TV screen.  It cites a press release by Jim Durkin, not Mark Batinick.  Even so, if you read that release, it has nothing to do with the many things Ms. Dunn accuses Mark Batinick of wanting to do.  Please read the release HERE.  For over a year, Mark has had on his website that he will not take a legislative pension.  He is also has advocated for a reduction in pay.  Read his plan HERE.

She uses the same false "source" in her mailers.  See HEREHEREHERE, and HERE.

Why is Moira Dunn lying about Mark Batinick?

Why can't Moira Dunn run on the Democrat's record or her own record?

Why doesn't Moira Dunn even have a website stating her positions?

Mark Batinick has a 39 page plan to make Illinois great again.  It states all of his positions.  You can view it HERE.

Ms. Dunn also accuses Mark Batinick of sending out a mailer that "crossed the line".  A "concerned voter" wrote a letter to the editor.  You can see it HERE.  Her name is Heather Kazmark.  The "concerned citizen" is  being PAID by the Dunn campaign.  See HERE.

A copy of the mailer can be viewed HERE.  We will let you decide for yourself if you find it offensive.


One group supporting Ms. Dunn is Personal PAC.  Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune called Personal PAC's interpretations "Misleading and Disreputable".  You can read his article HERE.  Even better, check out this case study and watch the video HERE.  There is another article HERE.

HERE is the mailer they sent against Mark Batinick.  They have also been doing phone calls against Mark Batinick.  He didn't fill out their questionnaire because he felt they are were dishonest organization.  Because he didn't fill out their questionnaire they use it as "evidence" to say anything they want about his positions.  This is dishonest and an excellent example of the problem with politics these days.

If there are any unanswered questions, please email the campaign at  We will get them answered for you.

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