Friday, October 31, 2014

Moira Dunn's Deep Deep Ties to Mike Madigan and the Chicago Machine

Despite attempting to portray herself differently, Moira Dunn is deeply connected to Mike Madigan and the Chicago Machine.  Here are the facts:

1.  Dennis Grosskopf was the winner of the Democratic primary for the 97th State Rep seat.  Despite this, Moira was introduced to lobbyists in Springfield by Mike Madigan well before Dennis "withdrew" from the race.  Madigan also did this well before anyone in the 97th district knew they were going to be told who the candidate was.  Here is a link to the flyer and initial article LINK.  The RSVP date on the flyer is May 23rd.  Certainly the flyer was prepared well before that.  Dennis Grosskopf did not announce his removal until June 13th.  Here is the LINK to that story.  This raises several questions:

Why did Mike Madigan pick Moira Dunn?

Do we want Mike Madigan choosing our representation?

2.  In Moira Dunn's primary, she broke several campaign finance laws.  A detailed account of this mismanagement of funds is in a different article.  However, it is also important to note who represented Moira Dunn.  Here attorney is the case was Michael Kasper.  Who is Michael Kasper?  Here are some quotes from reputable news sources about him;

"The legendary Michael Kasper, who generally handles election-law cases on behalf of Democratic party Chieftain Michael Madigan."  Chicago Reader April 29, 2010."

"Their lawyer, Democrat Party powerhouse Michael Kasper."  Chicago Sun-Times October 21, 2008.

"His campaign has so much clout it's been able to to use the services of Michael Kasper, an election-law expert who rarely takes on clients unless they're recommended by Daley and Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan."  Chicago Reader February 14, 2003

There are even more if you care to read HERE.  Or HERE.

In fact, according to Michael Kasper's own website, he has represented every Democratic Presidential candidate since 1992.

Despite having such high powered representation, Ms. Dunn was still found in violation of election law.

3.  As of October 15 2014, Moira Dunn has received nearly $400,000 in support from two of Michael Madigan's committees.  See HERE.

Moira Dunn has some serious connections to the Chicago machine that is destroying this state.  Is this the type of person we want representing us?

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